26. June 2023

We have finally done it! After many, many years of neglecting our website, we've picked ourselves up and put some order into it. will remain the central point of contact if you want to know something about us - but we will concentrate there on our activities in the field of arthouse and video art production. In the future we will inform about our commercial and corporate work at - and more about our new foster child can be found on the landing page for our production services: The pages are linked to each other. We hope…

22. June 2023

Thanks to the wonderful crew and terrific cast of the first "Shipwrecked Tripytch" episode: Mutiny. Shot in Hesse on 16mm film. We are looking forward to show the film to the public soon! Also thanks to Hessenfilm (@hessenfilmundmedien ) and @mondriaanfonds for funding our film. A snow-covered nursing home in a rural town in southern Germany on December 31, 1982. Few residents have stayed over the holidays. The all-male staff decides to put the residents to bed early without telling them it's New Year's Eve. Cast: Akeem van Flodrop (@justakeem_ ) Beate Marlies Stupacher (@beatemarlies ) Clemens Paul Bauer (@liqueurtheater)…

16. June 2023

Many thanks to Hessenfilm und Medien (@hessenfilmundmedien) for funding the final episode of the Shipwreck Triptych called 'Drifting'. We will be shooting this fall in the medieval forests of the state of Hesse on 16mm black and white film, in accordance with our standards. Director: Deniz Eroglu (@deniz__eroglu) Executive Producer: Patrick Alan Banfield (@patrickalanbanfield) Cinematographer: Nicolas C. Geissler (@ncgeissler) Production Designer: Linda Gasser (@luliproductions) Colorist: Enikő Edelsbrunner (@magiclemur) Sound Designer: Thomas Huus (@sound_by_klang