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Service Production

First-class production services for your film projects

Production Services

We offer many years of experience and a deep understanding of the film industry. For your project, we provide exactly the services that will advance your project artistically and technically. Trust in our expertise and let us jointly bring your vision to life.


Individual consulting for artists, agencies and organizations: Benefit from our know-how and receive valuable support in turning your artistic visions into reality.

Staffing service

Customized services: We offer a range of individual services such as cinematography, lighting, directing, producing and post-production services to meet your specific needs.

Line producing

From budget planning and resource management to scheduling and coordinating the staff, we handle all the details so you can focus on your creative endeavours.


We provide full support in developing the screenplay, budgeting, obtaining film funding and grants, scouting and booking locations as well as managing the entire casting process.


Efficient production process: Our experienced team, equipment and facilities are at your disposal to create high-quality footage for your film.


Complete post-production: Our post-production services include supervision of the entire process, editing, color correction, sound design and visual effects.

Full Service Production

From conception to final delivery, we provide individual services through to extensive support for your entire film production - with individual pricing tailored to your needs.

We work worldwide in all moving image formats, from video art to commercials to documentaries and feature films. With special care and professional expertise, we do everything we can to ensure that every detail meets your requirements.

Current Projects

Learn more about our previous productions and let us convince you of the versatility and quality of our work.

Feedback from our partners

"For many years I have had the pleasure of working with neuzeit on various projects. They perform an absolute superlative job in terms of technical know-how. What impresses me the most is their ability to work not only technically, but also in terms of storytelling and, most importantly, artistry. They are able to create a compelling narrative and capture emotions in a unique way. Their creative vision and sense for the aesthetics of a film are outstanding. I highly recommend neuzeit to anyone looking for professional, quality work."
"With great passion and an irresistible eye for detail, neuzeit brought my proof-of-concept trailer to life. Above all, their sense of visual storytelling was a real gamechanger that took the project to a new level. I learned a lot working together that still stays with me. Thank you for this experience!"
“I value neuzeit highly. We’ve collaborated on six projects in the past five years and in this time there is no doubt that they have enabled me to make my best work. They are hard working, trustworthy and devoted people. They can help you with film production, but in reality they offer so much more. For me they have been hugely important in terms of technical and artistic considerations before, during and after the shoot. They are able to work within a wide array of techniques and expressions. Whether it be film, digital or VFX , they will guide your production diligently towards a sophisticated end result.”


The first step to a successful cooperation is to get to know each other without prior obligation. Get in touch, tell us about your projects.
We are looking forward to it!

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