On New Year's Eve 1982, the male staff of a remote old people's home in the snowy mountains celebrate a kind of silent party. For this, the residents are put to bed early - but very lovingly.

A snow-covered nursing home in rural southern Germany on 31 December 1982. Only five residents have stayed over the holidays. The all-male, homosexual staff decides to put the old people to bed early without telling them it is New Year's Eve. Each one is lovingly put to bed. The caretakers are very careful and listen to the stories the residents tell. When the residents are finally asleep, an increasingly wild 'silent' celebration develops, an orgy. The caretakers try to keep their noises down, but nevertheless one mentally handicapped woman cannot fall asleep: Elisabeth. She walks quietly through the corridors of the almost deserted nursing home, secretly observes the party of the carers and finally leaves the home to go out into the vastness of the snowy landscape. Meanwhile, the caregivers' party escalates. At midnight, Elisabeth watches the fireworks in the sky in the middle of the snow. The next morning, the carers wake up hungover and naked scattered around the nursing home and Elisabeth is lying frozen in the snow without a jacket or hat, still looking up at the sky.

"The Shipwreck Triptych: Mutiny" is part of a series of three 30-minute shorts that also work together as a 90-minute episodic film. 

In autumn 2021, we were able to close the financing, among other things through a grant from hessenfilm, and shot the film in spring 2023 on S-16mm at the Parkhotel 1970 in Michelstadt, among other locations.

Production company: neuzeit Filmagentur
Executive Producer: Patrick Alan Banfield
Director: Deniz Eroglu
Cinematography: Nicolas C. Geissler, BVK
Funding: neuzeit Filmagentur, Hessenfilm, Danish Art Foundation